sublime html encode

上次使用 sublime 幫 java 的 source code format 效果很好,這次希望 sublime 可以幫我做html encode。

SublimeAStyleFormatter Plugin  的安裝方式:

用 Package Install 來安裝~

Sublime Text > Tools > Command Palette > Package Control: Install Package,

找到 StringEncode 安裝~


You can use more functional plugin SublimeStringEncode.

  1. Install it using Package Control, type “StringEncode”.
  2. cmd + shift + P then 在輸入框裡輸 “HTML entitize” 就可以看到 StringEncode 提供的function,超神奇,好好用的。

In addition you will have some other useful commands:

  • html_deentitize: Converts HTML entities to a character
  • url_encode: Uses urllib.quote to escape special URL characters
  • url_decode: Uses urllib.unquote to convert escaped URL characters
  • json_escape: Escapes a string and surrounds it in quotes, according to the JSON encoding.
  • json_unescape: Unescapes a string (include the quotes!) according to JSON encoding.
  • base64_encode: Uses base64 to encode into base64
  • base64_decode: Uses base64 to decode from base64
  • md5_encode: Uses sha package to create md5 hash
  • sha256_encode: Uses sha package to create sha256 hash
  • sha512_encode: Uses sha package to create sha512 hash
  • escape_regex: Escapes regex meta characters
  • escape_like: Escapes SQL-LIKE meta characters
  • safe_html_entitize: Converts characters to their HTML entity, but preserves HTML reserved characters
  • safe_html_deentitize: Converts HTML entities to a character, but preserves HTML reserved characters
  • xml_entitize: Converts characters to their XML entity
  • xml_deentitize: Converts XML entities to a character



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