MariaDB Package Repository Setup and Usage


在 CentOS 安裝 MariaDB 需要下這 2個指令:

curl -sS | sudo bash

After setting up the MariaDB Package Repository, you can install the principal components of the MariaDB Enterprise offering.

  • MariaDB Server/Cluster
    • RHEL/CentOS
      • yum install MariaDB-server
      • or MariaDB-Galera-server to install MariaDB Galera Cluster before 10.1
    • Ubuntu/Debian
      • apt-get install mariadb-server
      • or mariadb-galera-server to install MariaDB Galera Cluster before 10.1
    • SLES
      • zypper install MariaDB-server
      • or MariaDB-Galera-server to install MariaDB Galera Cluster before 10.1

認識一下 MariaDB 的授權方式:

MariaDB server license

The MariaDB server is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2.

The GNU project mantains an official page with information about the GNU GPL 2 license, including a FAQ and various translations.

MariaDB 常見問題:

Using a database source independent framework

If you are using a framework that allows you to connect dynamically to different RDBMS systems, any GPL licensed module loaded by the framework will not affect the application. Such frameworks are

The reason the GPL in the MySQL client library would not affect your application in this case is that the GPL client is supporting a standard interface and is thus merely an optional component among many. Your application could just as easily use the framework to connect to a RDBMS other than MariaDB or MySQL.

Any software can be connected to the GPL v2 licensed MySQL Connector/ODBC, without the need for that software to be GPLed. This is because there is a piece of general management software, the ODBC manager, between the GPLed MySQL Connector/ODBC and your software. If any logic would require the software which interfaces with MySQL Connector/ODBC to be GPL, then that would apply also to the ODBC manager itself. Yet, the ODBC manager is not GPL, neither on Windows nor on Linux. By consequence, no one would be allowed to use MySQL ODBC driver for anything.



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