FontForge Expand Stroke 筆畫消失

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使用FontForge 讓字變重時,筆畫消失了,如下圖「期」所示:

FontForge 官方說明:

removeoverlap (string, default="layer")

Specifies whether, and on what basis, remove-overlap should be run. “layer” corresponds to running remove-overlap on the layer as a whole. “contour” corresponds to running remove-overlap on individual contours. “none” corresponds to not running remove-overlap. Note that because the stroke facility relies on remove-overlap to eliminate cusps and other artifacts, “none” is an unusual choice and available primarily for debugging purposes.

解法,把原本的 removeoverlap=”layer” 換成 removeoverlap=”contour” 問題暫時被解決。


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